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We offer many investment opportunities in Italy. Our team is able to find the most  sought-after areas on the market, which will ensure you a safe retirement for years. We are speaking about residential house and commercial properties.

In addition to these forms of investment, we can also offer you to enter in the world of construction, such as participating in the creation of new complexes. Every day, builders and entrepreneurs ask us to find partners that can financially support their projects, by ensuring a high profitability once the complex will be built. Of course, we make a strong selection among the entrepreneurs and we trust only in the most reputable and safest on the market.

Another interesting option of investment in Italy is getting of residential houses to be allocated to tourism. This market  is very large and profitable. The daily rentals in some cities renowned for their history and beauty (Rome, Florence, Venice etc.) may ensure a very high revenue. We are already experts in this field and we can provide you the tools and the know-how to make your home more attractive on the market.